High Roller Pop! MYSTERY BOX aka "the Big Baller Box"


200 Left! Over 1000 boxes sold!

Well here it is, you asked for it & we built it for you! It’s our debut of the High Roller Mystery Box (aka the Big Baller Box)!

Insane Toy Shop's Newest & Hottest 1250 Piece High Roller Mystery Box (Get it while supplies last!). You will get 1 Pop! & who knows if the value will be $20-500+ 

Free shipping on orders over $99.



This box contains one variant, which is mostly sought after and could be worth significantly more than the box. In fact, many of these items have been vaulted & will only be increasing in value!

Please understand in order to be able to offer this we must include pops to offset the overall value of the lot. Please read the entire list of pops that will be included in the pre-sealed boxes.

If you check out multiple boxes at the same time it is possible for you to get a duplicate. All boxes will be combined & shipped together with anything else purchased in your order. Please no whining complaints if you don’t get the top prize, play responsibly.

You will receive one (1) of the Pops listed below.  The quantities listed are the total number of units available in this lot:

Maximum 6 Per Customer 

1 Ad Icons (‘Frosted Flakes’ Tony the Tiger) FS worth $500+

100 Aladdin (Genie GITD) Specialty S.

25 American Horror Story (Fiona Goode)

25 American Horror Story (Cordelia Foxx)

15 Avengers Infinity War (Iron Man Chrome Red) TGT

15 Big Bang Theory (Howard Star Trek Fading) SDCC 2013 480

25+25 Breaking Bad (Gus Fring) -He is wanted Dead or Alive, you might get either one of him!

25 Breaking Bad (Heisenberg) vaulted

100 Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Angel) vaulted

100 Captain Marvel (Ronan) Specialty S.

25+25 DBZ (Super Saiyan Vegeta Chrome Blue or Gold) TT

25 DC Univ. (Batman Chrome Orange) TT

25 DC Univ. (Batman Chrome Red) FS

5 DC Univ. (Flash Metallic) Chase V.

100 Domo Ghostbuster vaulted

15 Domo Man of Steel SDCC 2013 480

100 Game of Thrones (Oberyn Martell) vaulted

5 Gremlins (Gremlin GITD) Chase V. vaulted

5 Hair Bear Bunch (Square Bear) NYCC 2016 2000

15 Last Man Standing SDCC 2013 480

25 Little Sack Boy vaulted

5 Lucky Charms GITD FS

15 Marvel Univ. (Capt. America Unmasked Metallic) Comikaze #06

25 Nightmare Before X-Mas (Dapper Sally) HT

15 Spastik Plastik (El Diablo) -you may get in 1 of 3 suit colors FS

5 Stan Lee Superhero Gold NYCC 2015

25 Star Wars (Bossk)

25 Star Wars Rebels (Grand Admiral Thrawn) GLTC 2017

25 Talking Dead (Chris Hardwick Bloody) SC2018

25 Toys R Us (Jeoffrey as Iron Man) CNDN 2018

25 Walking Dead (Abraham) vaulted

25 Walking Dead (Morgan) vaulted

25 X-Men (Colossus Chrome) Comikaze

25 Yogi Bear Flocked Excl

100 Star Wars (Blue Senate Guard) GLTC 2015


No Returns or Exchanges will be accepted for ANY reason. Best of Luck & Happy High Roller Hunting!!!

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