Cyber Monday Week (Win these "Hard to Get Limited Editions")

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Insane Toy Shop's "Cyber Monday" Epic Seven Hundred Seventy Seven Piece Chase Variant Mystery Boxes! 1 Pop! & who knows if the value will be $20-350? $34.88 each & free shipping on orders over $49.99.


This box contains one Chase Variant, which is sought after and could be worth significantly more than the box. In fact, many of these Chase have been vaulted & will only be increasing in value. Please understand in order to be able to offer this we must include pops to offset the overall value of the lot. Please read the entire list of pops that will be included in the pre-sealed boxes.  If you check out multiple boxes at the same time it is possible for you to get a duplicate. All boxes will be combined & shipped together with anything else purchased in your order.

Limit 12 Per Customer 

Will be shipped on 11/27/2018

You will receive one of the Pops listed below.  The quantities listed are the total number of units available in this lot:

5 Metallic Batman

5 Metallic Superman,

5 Metallic Wonder Woman

5 Metallic Joker

5 Penelope Pitstop

5 Squiddly Diddly

20 Aladdin (Jafar Red Genie GITD) Chase V

30 DC Joker w/ Kisses Black & White Hot Topic Chase V

20 Despicable Me 3 Dru Spy Suit Chase V

30 Hellboy Chase V

30 Last Jedi Porg Flocked Hot Topic Chase V

20 Last Jedi Porg w/ Open Mouth Chase V

30 John Wick Bloody Chase V

20 Michael Myers GITD Chase V

20 Freddy Krueger GITD Chase V

20 Jason Voorhees GITD Chase V

20 Gremlins GITD Chase V

20 Shining Jack Torrance Chase V

20 Ready Player One Sixer Jade Walmart Chase V

30 Snow White Grumpy w/ Diamond & Pick Hot Topic

30 Ad Icons Twinkie the Kid Chase V

20 Nightmare Before X-Mas Zero w/ Bone GITD Chase V

20 Powerpuff Girls Him GITD Chase V

30 Star Wars Darth Vader w/ Candy Cane GITD Chase V

20 Invisible Man GITD Walgreens Chase V

30 Predator Fugitive Predator Unmasked Chase V

20 Predator 8-Bit White Gamestop Chase V

20 Friends Monica Geller w/ Hat Chase V

20 Deadpool Pandapool Flocked Hot Topic Chase V

20 It Pennywise Chase V

20 Cuphead Black & White Chase V

30 WWE Triple H Skull King Chase V

30 Mad Max Immortan Joe Chase V

30 Bride of Chucky Tiffany Bloody Chase V

10 Beetlejuice GITD Chase V

20 Disney Maleficent w/ Flames Hot Topic Chase V

20 Gravity Falls Bill Cipher Purple Chase V

30 Duck Dodgers Space Cadet Metallic Chase V

10 Street Fighter Ryu Gold Chase V

10 Astro Boy Gold Chase V

No Returns or Exchanges Will Be Accepted For Any Reason. Best of Luck & Happy Shopping!!!

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