New Ad-Icons Pop! MYSTERY BOX


This box contains one of the variant listed below, which is sought after and could be worth significantly more than the box.

Please read the entire list of pops that could be included in the pre-sealed boxes.  If you check out multiple boxes at the same time it is possible for you to get a duplicate, but we will try to avoid by pulling from different stacks.
All boxes will be combined & shipped together with anything else purchased in your order.
Maximum 6 Per Customer 
1 Lucky winner in 250 will receive Tony The Tiger POP valued at $400

Bob’s Big Boy

Boo Berry w/ Cereal FS

Capt. Crunch w/ Sword

Capt. Crunch (Target)

Cosmic Cap N’ Crunch Funko-Shop

Count Chocula w/ Cereal FS

Dig ‘Em Frog        

Ellen Degeneres

Franken Berry w/ Cereal FS

Fruit Pie the Magician FS

Honey Nut Cheerios Buzz FS

Hot Topic Girl

King Dong FS

Lemmy Kilmister Gold HT 

Mr. Monopoly WM

Nintendo Pikachu TGT

Pillsbury Doughboy FS

Sugar Bear TGT

Twinkie the Kid

Twinkie the Kid GITD Chase V.

Twinkie the Kid TGT

Twinkie the Kid GITD TGT Chase V.

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