POP! Protection: Basic 6" POP! Protector

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POP! Protection: Basic 6" POP! Protector

These Funko Pop! protectors are the ultimate in protection AND value for your precious POP! collection. Each is individually wrapped to guarantee you a perfectly clear box. Extra thick 35 mil walls allow you to stack many pops with no risk of crushing the ones on the bottom. Pop-up bottom for easy assembly and storage. Protect your POP! collection!

  • Crystal Clear Acid Free Archival Quality PET Boxes
  • Fits all 6" Pops
  • Extra thick 35 mil walls for perfect stackable protection
  • Individually wrapped with plastic film for protection
  • Protect your POP! collection!

PLEASE NOTE: If you are ordering 20 or more of these protectors, we strongly advise you to make the order separately from other items as the weight of the protectors can potentially damage the other items if shipped in the same shipment.

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